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Should I arrange for legalisation myself?


Obtaining legalisation (or an apostille) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is not complicated or difficult. Anyone who can make a payment online and send documents through the post will have no difficulty in getting their documents legalised.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office claim a 2 working day turnaround for documents they receive. Anecdotal evidence among notaries suggests that for the majority of documents received by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office a 2 to 3 working day turnaround is achieved. Although there appears to be:

In recent years the service offered by the legalisation office at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has improved compared to the period prior to 2010. Until the middle of 2012 the Legalisation Office displayed where they were at with their work. This no longer appears on their website.

Given the generally decent service that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers, why use any other method than dealing directly with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office? Here are some arguments both pro and con.

Why you might wish to arrange legalisation yourself?

Why you might wish my agent to arrange legalisation

A health warning

Whichever method you use it is never possible to guarantee how long the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will take. This is because of the following factors:

All of the above affect the speed in getting your documents back from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by whichever method you choose to get legalisation done.

Last updated: 14 August 2013.