Victor Woroner—Notary Public

Contact details


020 8892 0092


07930 405 336



2 Vineyard Mews, Preston Place
TW10 6DD


When do I normally see clients?

I normally see clients on the following days and times:

Do I see clients in the evenings, Sundays or other times?

I often see clients outside the times and days mentioned above.


I see clients by appointment (I do not provide a “turn up and wait” service).

Can I visit you?

Of course. I am happy to visit you, whether at your home or your office. However, if you are an individual, I usually prefer to see you at my office.

This is because I need to copy documents and carry out other tasks where I need office equipment, which you may not have or which is not easy or convenient to use.

Do I charge for travel time?

Whether or not I charge for travel time depends on a couple of things:

As a rough guide, I do not normally charge for travel time if the journey time is less than 15–20 minutes. However, if what you need done is only a small amount work (amounting to less than 30–45 minutes of my time) I would normally wish to charge for the time I take to travel to and from you.

How quickly can I see a you?

I can usually see you same day or the next day.

Last updated: 7 February 2021